Doubts of a transitioner….

Sooo I finally decided to transition after a very long time. When I decided, I was soooooo excited, like i wanted to go to the barber and amber rose it straight away!! I was ready to start afresh.  After further thinking about it, I thought maybe its best to slow transition and then chop it off, coz I might not be able to handle such a drastic change.  I do want to see how my hair changes and grows so I want to BC. I also thought I would be able to do styles when my hair is short that I might not be able to do when its long.

So where’s the doubt??

Well my hair has reached a length im quite happy with at the moment. Im pretty much bsl, and im now used to having a lot of hair to work with. Its taken me time and effort to get to where i am and im so happy because ive retained length and ive shown people that hair can grow. Alot of people didn’t think it could happen, but it did. Now im contemplating a bc, im thinking, can I do it? I know you don’t have to bc, and you can slow transiton but I feel like I want to commit to it all the way and I wont have patience to deal with two textures. There are fears as well, what if I don’t like what i look like, what if my hair wont grow, what if I cant manage it?? Also the fact that when i tell people they are so against me doing it to the fact that my hair is ‘so long’ so i keep thinking am I making the right decision???



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